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The Camp Chef Stove is very easy to use and is self- lighting. The butane canisters, used to fuel the stove, are not refillable. One canister will burn from about 2 to 4 hours depending on if you are cooking on a high flame or low flame. It is to be used outdoors. If you choose to use it indoors you must have good ventilation by at least having a window open. It is not to be used for heating inside, only for cooking. Do not store or leave the fuel attached in the stove, it may leak or seep out. The fuel needs to be stored with the cap on in a safe place.

Butane can will only click into the stove when positioned correctly as shown in the video.

It is also very important to store the fuel safely. The State of Utah has regulations on how to store the fuel safely and how much you are legally allowed to store in your home or attached garages. Other storage must be outside your home as in an unattached garage or shed. Please see below.

You are only allowed to store up to eight (8) of the small portable canisters (a total of 2 pounds) inside your home or attached garage. All other storage must be outside your home in an unattached garage or shed. Each canister is 8 oz.

It is each person’s responsibility to store fuel responsibility. Please check with the fire department with-in the city that you live and store your fuel wisely.

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