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What our new students are saying

I can make bread whenever I want and it turns out every time. I haven't bought a loaf of bread for over 15 months!

Rebecca H.

I've been making your bread and all the other delicious things for about a year now. After saying our dinner prayer one night, by 11-year old son stated the following: "Maybe we need to start thanking Heavenly Father for Pantry Secrets!" Yes! That's how our family feels about you.

Ines S.

My husband is thrilled and excited about the delicious food I am now baking at home. I learn something new every time I watch the DVD.

Ashley W.

I attended a class in the fall of 2008, when I attended we were always tight on money. I worked a part time job and we had no food storage. It worried me but I had no idea on how to achieve a food storage on a tight budget. Your recipe changed how we eat, I have not bought a loaf of bread since I started baking our own bread. We don't order pizza any longer, when invited to parties I am usually bringing a desert braid or hamburger buns and we are saving so much money! Your ideas on food storage made it from an impossible achievement to totally something I could do. We have our 1 year of food storage and are working on long term food storage items, like wheat, etc. I can't explain to you the wonderful feeling it is to know that I have food for my family no matter what may come. This recipe hasn't just changed the way we eat, it has added quality time with me and my children as we bake together, we are spending less on our grocery bill and yet we are getting more out of the money we do spend. I should add that before this my attempts at rolls, etc were a joke in my family, I could even make the Rhodes frozen rolls fail. But not with this recipe I am always successful, I have not yet had a failure.

Melanie R

They have mastered the art of making bread. They developed a quick fool-proof recipe that someone with little time and few cooking skills can use. I was impressed with their presentation because they made it so simple. I was able to go home and try out the recipe not having ever made a loaf of bread before in my life and it worked! Now I am a master at bread making. I'm able to plan ahead and make quick meals that actually taste good for my family. From pizza dough to cinnamon rolls, gourmet breadsticks and wheat bread it has been a blessing to our family.

Collyn K.

Last Sunday I made 2 loaves of bread, a dozen cinnamon rolls, and a dozen pull-a-part dinner rolls. It was my first time making rolls (ever), my first time making cinnamon rolls (ever), and I had tried to make homemade bread many times, but it was always hard and nasty. My kids would always say everything I make was disgusting. It was hard to get my son to even try them Sunday, because of past experiences. But Sunday, I was the hero, they all loved them; they turned out great, and I did it all in 1.5 hours.


I want to thank you for a great class. Both of my girls make bread weekly and love doing it.

Emily D.

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